Hello everyone.  Caffeinated Gamers will hold a draft each Sunday in January.  This week’s draft will be Wilds of Eldraine.

Each set has a unique draft format.  The set’s mechanics and themes help determine how the draft format will develop.  Based on data from Wilds of Eldraine we can identify which cards will likely help you win more games and matches.

Here are my picks for the best cards at each rarity.  Remember that the choices you make during the draft will dictate which cards you will select.  This includes the type and colors of cards you select during the draft.


Commons are a key part of any draft strategy.  It would be best if you looked for these cards to round out your deck.  Some of these cards are the best removal cards to draft.

  1. Torch the Tower
  2. Candy Grapple
  3. Hopeless Nightmare
  4. Flick a Coin
  5. Sweettooth Witch
  6. Rat Out
  7. Hopeful Vigil
  8. Spell Stutter
  9. Into the Fae Court
  10. Cut In


Uncommons are some of the most important cards you will select in a draft.  These cards will help you determine the direction that you will take in a draft.  The best uncommon cards from Wilds of Eldraine offer good removal or valuable creatures for your deck.

  1. Imodane’s Recruiter
  2. Gingerbread Hunter
  3. Witchstalker Frenzy
  4. Tough Cookie
  5. Welcome to Sweettooth
  6. Royal Treatment
  7. Twisted Fealty
  8. The Witch’s Vanity
  9. Hatching Plans
  10. Picklock Prankster


You will have the opportunity to select the three rares or mythic rares from the packs you open.  As the draft progresses, some players will pass on a rare or mythic because it does not fit into the deck they are developing.  These rares are quality cards to build around in draft.

  1. Gruff Triplets – Three bodies from one spell that grows when one of the triplets dies.
  2. Redcap Gutter-Dweller – Another card that provides multiple bodies.  Redcap Gutter-Dweller can also provide card advantage and grow itself through its ability.
  3. Horned Loch-Whale – Good disruption from its adventure: Lagoon Breach.  Then you get a 6/6 with flash and Ward 2 that can take over the game.
  4. Spellbook Vender – An unassuming 2 drop that will grow your creatures throughout a game.
  5. Lord Skitter, Sewer King – Great three drop that allows you to exile a card at the beginning of your attack step and creates a 1/1 rat token.
  6. Faunsbane Troll – A 4/4 in Golgari colors that gets a monster role when it is cast.  5/5s with trample are hard to deal with in draft.
  7. Sleep-Cursed Faerie – Starts slow because of the stun counters on it, but becomes a powerful attacker in the mid to late game.
  8. The Goose Mother – Scalable creature that allows you to put all your available mana into casting the card.  This creates value in the form of food tokens.
  9. Gumdrop Poisoner – Creates a food with its adventure.  Then can takedown one of your opponent’s creatures with its enter the battlefield ability.  You give a creature -x/-x for each life you gain that turn.
  10. Talion’s Messenger – A mini Raffine.  Each time you attack with Talion’s Messenger in play, you draw and discard a card and give a creature a +1/+1 counter.

Mythic Rare:

The mythic rares from Wilds of Eldraine will provide your deck with powerful cards that can take over a game.  Plus, we have Enchanted Tales from the set that help provide extra fuel for your deck.

  1. Virtue of Persistence – This is a great removal spell from its adventure Locthwain Scorn.  Then in the late game, you get to cast Virtue of Persistence to return a creature to the battlefield during each of your upkeeps.
  2. Realm-Scorcher Hellkite – Realm-Scorcher Hellkite is a 4/6 dragon with flying and haste.  You can cast it and use its bargain ability to add 4 mana to your mana pool and can use any extra mana you have to deal one damage to any target.
  3. Virtue of Loyalty – Ardenvale Fealty provides a 2/2 knight token with vigilance.  While Virtue of Loyalty puts a +1/+1 counter on each of your creatures during your end step.  This will make it hard for your opponent to keep up with your growing team of creatures.
  4. Bitterblossom – Bitterblossom is the only Enchanting Tales card on my list.  It is a creature factory.  At the beginning of each upkeep, you lose 1 life and create a 1/1 black faerie rogue creature token with flying.  The limited enchantment removal in the set makes Bitterblossom nearly unstoppable in the draft.
  5. Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator – Ashiok is the only planeswalker in the set.  Ashiok creates token creatures and can grow them with the plus ability.  This provides you with a way to protect Ashiok and gain a card advantage.
  6. Talion, the Kindly Lord – He offers a powerful ability that punishes players for casting cards that have either power or toughness equal to the selected value.  When a creature enters the battlefield with that value for either its power or toughness, your opponent loses two life and you draw a card.

By: Scott Trepanier

Scott began playing Magic the Gathering in 1994.  His preferred format is standard.  Typically, you will see him playing aggro decks focused on quickly defeating his opponent but will pivot to midrange or control when standard is unfavorable for aggro decks.  He began creating Magic content in 2019.