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This week’s draft guide returns to the Streets of New Capenna.  The set has had a significant impact on Standard and enjoyed a quality-limited format.  Some of the key cards for current Standard and Pioneer decks come from the set.

Here are my picks for the best cards to draft from Streets of New Capenna.


New Capenna’s common cards offer quality deck fillers.  Plus, a couple of the most played cards from the set in Inspiring Overseer and Make Disappear.  You can expect to build your deck around at least two colors and possibly a third.  Cards like Brokers Hideout make it easier to run a third color.

  • Inspiring Overseer
  • Jewel Thief
  • Raffine’s Informant
  • Make Disappear
  • Gathering Throng
  • Civil Servant
  • Brokers Hideout
  • Girder Goons
  • Celestial Regulator
  • Echo Inspector


The uncommon cards from Streets of New Capenna leave a little to be desired.  Most had little to no impact on other formats.  Corse Appraiser is the most impactful uncommon.

  • Disciplined Duelist
  • Corse Appraiser – Was a mainstay in Grixis decks for most of the first two years it was in Standard.
  • Psychic Pickpocket
  • Night Clubber
  • Lagrella, the Magpie
  • Mage’s Attendant
  • Sleep with the Fishes
  • Out of the Way
  • Exotic Pets
  • Faerie Vandal
  • Citizen’s Crowbar


The rare cards from Streets of New Capenna have a lot to offer.  Most of the top rares in limited also have impacted Standard.  Value is the name of the game for these cards.  Whether the value occurs when a creature or enchantment enters play or comes as the game progresses.  These cards will make a difference in any deck.

  • Workshop Warchief – 5/3 with trample that gains you 3 life when it enters the battlefield and creates a 4/4 green Rhino Warrior creature token when it dies.
  • Fight Rigging – Gives a creature a +1/+1 counter each combat and when you have a creature with 7 power on the battlefield the card exiles with Fight Rigging enters play.
  • Gala Greeters – A value engine in limited.
  • Rabble Rousing -A 1/1 Citizen creature token-generating engine.
  • Reservoir Kraken – a 6/6 with trample and ward 2. Your opponent may tap an untapped creature if Reservoir Kraken is untapped at the beginning of combat.  When this happens you get a 1/1 fish creature token that can’t be blocked.
  • Shakedown Heavy – A card draw engine that is difficult to kill in combat.
  • Professional Face-Breaker – Has menace and whenever one or more creatures you control deal combat damage to a player, create a treasure token. You may sacrifice a treasure to exile the top card of your library.
  • Brokers Ascendancy – At the beginning of your end step, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control and a loyalty counter on each planeswalker you control.
  • Tenacious Underdog – An aggressive two-drop that can return to play with its blitz ability.
  • Giada, Font of Hope – Angel lord that puts a +1/+1 counter on each angel that enters that battlefield equal to the number of angels you have in play.


At Mythic Rare, Raffine, Scheming Seer is the best card from the set.  Raffine found a home in Esper decks almost immediately after it entered Standard and shows no sign of dropping in popularity.  Sanctuary Warden and Titan of Industry continue to see Standard play.  Both have been targets of reanimation decks.

The top mythic rare cards from the deck should rarely be passed on because they will have an impact on any game or match.

  • Sanctuary Warden – This angel will make it difficult for your opponent to stay in the game because of the shield tokens it gets when it enters play.
  • All-Seeing Arbiter – A card draw engine with a 6/6 flying body that reduces the power of one of your opponent’s creatures when it attacks.
  • Raffine, Scheming Seer – The best card in the set. If you have played any standard over the last three years you know the powerful threat that Raffine is.
  • Titan of Industry – A seven mana win the game creature.
  • Elspeth Resplendent – Best planeswalker for limited in the set. She gives abilities to creatures and can search for a three-drop.
  • Ziatora, the Incinerator – 6/6 Demon Dragon that can sacrifice another creature to deal damage equal to that creature’s power to any target and creates three treasures when you use this ability.
  • Ob Nixilis, the Adversary – Rakdos planeswalker that pluses to have your opponent either lose life or discard a card to prevent the loss of life. You can also use Casualty to create a copy of Ob Nixilis by sacrificing a creature and giving the copy loyalty equal to that creature’s power.
  • Falco Spara, Pactweaver – Gives you a quality flyer that allows you to look at the top card of your library and gives you the ability to cast that card by removing a counter from a creature in addition to paying its other costs.
  • Urabrask, Heretic Praetor – Urabrask has haste and allows you to exile the top card of your library at the beginning of your upkeep so that you can play that turn. Urabrask has the same effect on your opponent’s upkeep, but rather than drawing a card the card drawn goes to exile and can only be cast on that turn.
  • Jetmir, Nexus of Revels – Jetmir increases the power and abilities of your creatures as the game progresses.

That’s it for this week.  Next week we return to Kamigawa.

By: Scott Trepanier

Scott began playing Magic the Gathering in 1994.  His preferred format is standard.  Typically, you will see him playing aggro decks focused on quickly defeating his opponent but will pivot to midrange or control when standard is unfavorable for aggro decks.  He began creating Magic content in 2019.