Are Faerie the New Key to Wilds of Eldraine Standard?

2023-09-07T21:10:03-04:00September 7th, 2023|Categories: MTG|Tags: , |0 Comments

Hello fellow planeswalkers!  Welcome to standard weekly. As expected, Wilds of Eldraine has opened deck building possibilities.  Faeries, food, rats, roles, and knights are some of the new archetypes from the set.  Of these archetypes, Dimir Faeries looks like a playable and competitive option.  Wilds of Eldraine provided Faeries additional quality creature options and with key support cards that give the deck the ability to grind out victories against the better mid-range and control decks in standard. DIMIR FAERIES, Scott Trepanier CREATURES: (26) 4 Faerie Dreamthief 4 Sleep-Cursed Faerie 2 [...]