Today we got a surprise set of spoilers from Murder at Karlov Manor.  Below are the new cards from the set plus of few reprints of note from the set.  With information about the different types of treatments that we will see in the set.

Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth



Demand Answers

Out Cold

Aurelia, the Law Above

Meddling Youths

Lightning Helix

Wojek Investigator

Fanatical Strength

Burden of Proof

Lead Pipe

Curious Cadaver

Rakdos, Patron of Chaos

Novice Inspector

Not on my Watch

Hotshot Investigators

Topiary Panther

Gleaming Geardrake

Benthic Criminologists

By: Scott Trepanier

Scott began playing Magic the Gathering in 1994.  His preferred format is standard.  Typically, you will see him playing aggro decks focused on quickly defeating his opponent but will pivot to midrange or control when standard is unfavorable for aggro decks.  He began creating Magic content in 2019.