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Well met friends! We invite you in to enjoy snacks and drinks while you game. Bring a friend, or make one here, to sit and enjoy a game from our selection available for purchase or rent in-house. Take a rest from your travels where adventure brews day and night!

Home Is Where You Play

Every patron has a story to tell of their adventures, and we hope you are no different! Just maybe YOU will be the name we cheer in our halls today. Fear not! Should your travels have you arrive into the eve, we welcome your tale all the same over a potion of health!

Open Late!

  • 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM Mon – Sun

  • Snacks and Ice Cream

  • Caffeinated Beverages

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Featured Events

Weekly Events

  • Monday: Yu-Gi-Oh! Night
    $5 | 7 PM – 11 PM
  • Tuesday: MTG Commander Tuesday
    Free-to-Play | All Day!

  • Wednesday: Pokémon League
    Free-to-Play | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | Free Pokémon Pack
  • Sunday: Sunday Funday
    Free Board Game Rentals Add Day
  • Sunday: Game Day with Eric the Cleric
    Free-to-Play Board Games All Day | Select Games with Eric 3 PM – 9 PM

Magic: The Gathering News & Reveals

Fun Times at Previous Events

Caffeinated Gamers is more than just a game store. Customers can rent titles and play in-store, alone, or with friends. Event planners can rent tables to hold gaming parties or competitive tournaments. The store will host exclusive events that may even allow gamers to meet and play with the creators of their favorite games. Additionally, friendly game experts are on-site to answer questions, provide strategy tips, or make suggestions for new games.

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4750 Alabama RD STE 115 Roswell, GA 30075

Phone: (678) 616-8503

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