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Calling all Admirals to our first ever Star Wars: Armada Event: The Summa of All Things! This will be a one day completely free casual play event for players to come out with their fleets and play against as many opponents as they would like.
Players brave the dangers of the Maelstrom as they salvage for discarded coaxium containers along the Kessel Run in this Event Kit for Star Wars: Armada! The Summa of All Things Event Pack is designed for two players or teams with players each controlling their own fleet attempting to recover as much coaxium as possible. But there are many dangers in the Maelstrom and players will have to contend with a Summa-Verminoth obstacle that threatens to devour their ships in addition to their rival scavengers. This Event follows a new format for fleet building. Addtional rules for how to play will be provided to each player at the event.
The rules:
Fleet Building
Each player builds a 200-point fleet following the rules for fleet building in the rules reference with the following exceptions:
A fleet cannot have a flagship. Commander upgrades cannot be equipped.
Fleets do not use objective cards. This scenario takes the place of objectives.
A fleet must include at least four squadrons but cannot include more than two unique squadrons. Squadrons cannot make up more than 67 points (one-third) of a fleet.
A fleet cannot contain a large or huge ship.
A fleet cannot include more than one flotilla.
A fleet cannot include more than one medium ship.
Players must bring:
.Their own miniatures made from a majority of Atomic Mass Games pieces with appropriate bases
.All ship, upgrade and condition cards used in their squad. No proxies are allowed
.All required tokens for their fleet
.Star Wars: Armada Dice
.Measuring Tools such as range rulers and maneuver templates
All players will receive:
. An Intensify Firepower upgrade card for playing one game
. A set of The Summa of All Things Scenario Cards

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