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Join us here at Caffeinated Gamers for a Star Wars Armada Store Championship where players will engage in 3 rounds of Swiss Play as they determine the fate of the galaxy in a salvo of turbolaser fire!

Please Note: The World Championship Invite will only be valid if there are 16+ Players in the event! If 16 people are not in attendance, all other prizes will be distributed at the end of the event.


A 3 round, 400 point, Star Wars Armada Store Championship, using the latest ruleset.

Tickets- $15

Tickets are capped at 25 players

Ticket Sales end on November 24th so all lists will be submitted before the event.


The tournament will consist of 3 swiss format135 minute rounds of play.

Doors open: 10 AM

Regisration: 10:15-10:50 AM

Briefing: 10:50-11 AM

Round One – 11 am – 1:15 pm

Lunch – 1:15 – 1:45 pm

Round Two – 1:45 – 4 pm

Round Three – 4:15 – 6:30 pm

Awards and Prizes – 6:40 pm

Event Ends- 7:00 PM

Rules and What to Bring


All players are expected to use the most recent ruleset as seen here:


All players will need to sign up for the Tournament at TableTop Tournament Tools (T4) by November 24th. Sign up only after a ticket has been purchased. The names that are registered will be checked against the names of tickets purchased. A link for our T4 tournament is provided here: https://t4.tools/events/fdfad1e7-886f-4b7d-afa9-41c2a7a69be8

Please Bring:

All measuring tools, dice, tokens for play, and your 400 Pt fleet. A playmat isn’t necessary, but recommended.

Prizes and Awards

We will be using the official Store Championship 2023 Tournament Kit for prize support:

Everyone goes home with 1 x Engineering Captain

Top 16: 1 x Flight Commander

Top 8: 1 of each Leia Organa, Luminara Unduli, General Grievous, Grand Admiral Thrawn

Top 2: 1 x Venator II-class Star Destroyer/Victory I-class Star Destroyer (Double Sided)

Champion: 1 x Executor (Double Sided) AND (if 16+ players) a World Champion Invite

Prizing will be given out at the conclusion of the event

Looking forward to seeing you out here on the 25th! May The Force be with You!

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Phone: (678) 616-8503

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