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Registration Starts at 10 AM! Play Starts at 11 AM!

Junior Division Admission $10 (Cash ONLY)
Senior Division Admission $15 (Cash ONLY)
Masters Division Admission $20 (Cash ONLY)


Working to get your invitation to Japan or a stipend? Then don’t miss any Cups until all your best finish limits are filled!! Every local Cup and Challenge is an important opportunity to qualify without massive travel and very large competition numbers.

~~> We will be playing Standard Format, 60 card decks. Sorry, but Paldea Evolved is not yet legal for this event.

~~> We will be playing SINGLE GAME for the Swiss Rounds. This means the same as Best of One or “whoever wins the game wins the match” or “NOT Best of 3”. We get done faster. This is a good thing.

~~> The time limit will be 30 minutes + 3 timely played turns. Please note the word “timely” does not imply that you should wear period costumes.

~~> Decklists WILL be required and we WILL be doing deck checks randomly throughout the tournament. Decklists will be collected at registration, your deck will be counted and your sleeves will be inspected. Juniors and Seniors will have a simple courtesy content inspection. Players are responsible for having STANDARD LEGAL decks.

~~> If at all possible, especially if you are unsure about your deck’s legality, please fill out a decklist at home to print off and bring to the tournament! A few valuable links for this are:


If you do this, you may be offered hearty handshakes of gratitude from a very happy Tournament Organizer and TOM operator.

~~> Decklists will also be provided AT the tournament. Please, Please, Please make them legible (no crayon please) and come early to give yourself plenty of time to complete the decklist. Round 1 losses are easily earned by missing the end of the registration line.

~~> Make sure to have (or know) your Player ID. This would be your *correct* Player ID and not a guess that is close enough. You will also need to know your birth date and your name. If you do not know your birth date, please ask a parent or guardian as they were likely there at the time. If you do not know you name… well, I am out of helpful suggestions there. If you are a kid that put Mom or Dad’s birthdate on your Pokemon Account and got a Player ID that way, you will be playing in the wrong division as far as Pokemon is concerned and everyone will be decidedly grumpy about that and it will not end well. Fix it before the event. You may NOT make one up, borrow one from a friend or use a fictitious name and/or birthdate – even if it is funny.

~~> If you do not have a Pokemon Player ID, get one by following these instructions: https://support.pokemon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001031234-How-do-I-generate-a-Player-ID-

~~> All TCG League Cups are Premier Events and are run as Swiss Rounds followed by Single Elimination (Top Cut) according to the Tournament Rules which you can find at this link: https://assets.pokemon.com//assets/cms2/pdf/play-pokemon/rules/play-pokemon-tournament-rules-handbook-02212023-en.pdf

~~> The number of rounds and age divisions playing independently will be determined by Attendance. If no one named “Attendance” is present (and can present valid ID proving that is their actual given name), the number and ages of players that enter the League Cup will be used.

~~> Winner gets a limited edition CHAMPION mat. Some number of booster packs DETERMINED BY ATTENDANCE (see previous note) will be awarded to top placements. As the number of players increases, the Championship Points will go deeper and the award of booster packs will go higher and possibly deeper into Top 8, Top 16, Top 32, Top 64, Top 128, and so on for each power of 2 until we cry “Uncle” and run screaming from the event in search of additional judging staff.

~~> Store Credits and/or Door Prizes MAY also be awarded DEPENDING UPON ATTENDANCE (again, see the note about the number of rounds and age divisions above).

~~> Don’t forget your damage counters, translucent die or Pokemon coin, and poison/burn markers. If you do forget them, please purchase them at the counter and spend huge sums of money so that you will remember next time and won’t expect your opponent to supply them.

~~> To have the best chance at getting into the tournament you should be in line early with a correct decklist, a matching deck in the same sequence as your decklist (if you are a Junior or Senior wishing a courtesy deck check), GOOD sleeves (if you use sleeves), and exact change (much appreciated). No pressure.

~~> Anyone not in the registration line at the end of registration may be marked late and/or receive a R1 loss and/or be denied pony rides if pony rides are offered.

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