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EVERY SECOND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH, our League Challenges are held during our normal League Night. We time registration with a mind to traffic. That means we will be kicking off registration at 6 PM, registration ends at 6:55 PM and the first round of tournament play starts at 7 PM. If you are not in line at the end of registration, you will get a first-round loss and start in round two. Decklists that match your 60-card deck and a Pokemon Player ID Number are required for registration.
Important points!
$10 entry – All Age Divisions

You must have a Pokemon ID Number. If you do not have one, you can (please, please, please) get one before registration here:

If you do not have one and fail to get one online before the event, we can give you one at the event, but you must have one to participate.

STANDARD FORMAT, SINGLE GAME MATCHES, 30-Minute (+3 turn) rounds — There is NO TOP CUT at a League Challenge. This event is Swiss ONLY. It runs fast and fun.

Top finishing players in each age division will receive a hearty handshake if requested, Championship Points (which go deeper with more attendance), one or more Pokemon Prize Packs or other prizing (depending upon attendance) which might include anything from a raffle at the start of the last round for those still playing or even future unicorn pony rides if we can catch one.

Q: Is there an Entry Limit?
A: Yes. The Maximum Occupancy of the store is 34 players and if that is reached, we will close registration.

Q: What cards are legal in the Standard Format?
A: The list of legal cards, incuding reprinted cards that are legal, changes. Generally speaking for the 2023 season, cards with “E”, “F”, and “G” regulation marks are legal for use (as well as any future regulation marks that may be released. Reprinted errata and other important information related to legality, can be found here:

Q: How do I prepare a Deck Registration List?
A: Suggested Blank Deck Registrationforms:

Q: What do I need besides a 60-card deck and a Deck Registration List?
A: You will need to have your own Damage, Poison, and Burn markers plus a Pokemon-approved coin or a translucent die with round corners and 6 sides to roll in replacement of a coin flip. Your cards should be sleeved in IDENTICAL and UNDAMAGED
sleeves with opaque backs so that they are all identical. All of these things are available for purchase at the store!

Q: Can I come late or leave early?
A: If you arrive late you will get losses for each round you miss. If you come after registration, you get a 1st round loss. If you leave before it is over, you lose your opportunity to win. ALWAYS drop, NEVER just leave.

Q: Can I get Championship Points to help earn my invite to the Pokemon World Championships and stipends?
A: YES! 1st place gets 15 points, 2nd place gets 12 points, 3rd and 4th get 10 points (there is a Best Finish Limit that is NOT SHARED with League Cups making an LC VERY important). At 24 players and more, additional points are awarded.

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