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When Dominaria United was released, there was a lot of excitement about the lords from the set.  A lord gives +1/+1 to creatures of a specific type.  Clerics, elves, goblins, soldiers, and Merfolk tribes received lords and with King Darien XLVIII all creatures receive a +1/+1 boost.  Unfortunately, a consistent deck has not developed around any of them yet.  There are a few best-of-1 versions that see play on Arena, but a deck has not broken through in best-of-3 play.  With The Brothers’ War around the corner.

Elf Tribal or Elf Ball is a beloved deck in modern, pauper, historic, and commander.  Dominaria United introduced us to elf lord Leaf-Crowned Visionary

Leaf-Crowned Visionary

For two green mana, you get a 1/1 elf druid that gives other elves +1/+1 and whenever you cast an elf spell, you may pay a green mana to draw a card.  Currently, there are twenty-five elves legal in standard from previous sets.  Among them seeing play are Deathbloom Gardner, Fleetfoot Dancer, Gala Greeters, Jinnie Fay, Jetmire’s Second, Llanowar Loamspeaker, Queen Allenal of Ruadach, Radha, Coalition Warlord, and Yavimaya Iconoclast.  Some of these creatures synergize well with each other while others do not.  Typically, elf tribal rarely moves outside of green, but this version most likely will need to dip into red and white or at least one of them to maximize the value in the deck.  Getting a druid lord might push the deck over the top because most of the cards listed above are elf druids.  



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