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Welcome to Caffeinated Gamer’s MTG Draft Tournaments!

Your $20 entry fee gets you a free promo pack (unrelated to the tournament) and the 3 draft boosters needed to play.

We have BIG PRIZES for this event.

1st Place: 3 Foil Packs

2nd Place: 1 Foil Pack

3rd Place: 2 Regular Promo Packs

4th Place: 4 Foil Promo Cards

Players take turns selecting cards from the free booster packs. The store will provide the necessary lands to be used for the tournament (returned at the end of the game).

The host will pair you with an opponent. The player who wins 2 out of three games will proceed to the next round until all players are eliminated.

Must reserve a spot to play.

A minimum of 4 reservations is required for the tournament to proceed.

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