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If you have been eyeing this latest set from MTG, this is a great opportunity to get some great cards.

Every entrant will receive:

  • 3 (Kamigawa) draft booster packs
  • 1 Pack (50) Card Sleeves
  • 1 (Kamigawa) Promo pack

The value of these cards alone is enough to cover the entrance fee, but the prizes for winners are even more exciting. Because this tournament is more competitive than our last event, the prizes have been scaled up to reflect the added challenge.

1st Place – 3 Foil Promo Packs

2nd Place – 2 Foil Promo Packs

3rd Place – 1 Foil Promo Pack

4th Place – 2 Regular Promo Packs

5th Place – 1 Regular Promo Pack

WPN Code: 3RJ7JB

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