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Everything you love about Commander format in a draft tournament!
Draft with the first-ever booster packs designed for Commander—a Magic format all about battling your friends in epic multiplayer games. Grab 3 packs, pick 2 cards at a time, and add in some lands for a 60-card Commander deck—then show it off in exciting free-for-all where you can win additional draft boosters AND store credit at Caffeinated Gamers!
2 LEGENDS PER PACK. Every Commander Legends Draft Booster Pack contains 2 legendary cards—enhance your deck with reprints of classic commanders or 1 of the 71 commanders introduced in the set. – You even have a chance to pull rare foil-etched and borderless cards.
  • 1st – $10 store credit + Throne of Eldraine draft booster pack
  • 2nd – $5 store credit + Throne of Eldraine draft booster pack
  • 3rd – Throne of Eldraine draft booster pack
Space is VERY limited for this event. Be sure to purchase your ticket in advance to ensure you have a seat.
WPN Code: 6D4G44

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4750 Alabama RD STE 115 Roswell, GA 30075

Phone: (678) 616-8503

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