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On April 27th, we’ll be hosting a Blood Bowl Sevens Boot Camp!

What is ‘Sevens’?

It’s a smaller version of the classic miniatures game that is a spoof on American Football; Blood Bowl.

Smaller teams, smaller pitches, smaller halves, but still the same amazing gameplay and incidental nonsense that the game is known for. Have your nincompoop Troll suddenly go in for a touchdown, or your human blitzer punch a walking tree, or toss a halfling in hopes of scoring only to hit a gigantic toad monster. Same game, same goof.

There is no need for any prior knowledge, nor do you need to bring your own stuff to play. We will have extra minis and materials for you to use on hand, and we will also be teaching the game for those that are new. If you do have a team you’ve been wanting to try out, feel free to bring it! Sevens is a wonderful opportunity to test out a team and see how they feel on the gridiron.

The event will begin at 6 pm and end around 11 pm, although you are not required to come immediately at 6 to play. An average game of Sevens lasts around one hour, so if you come in late you can still get a game in. Hope to see you all out there, prospective coaches! Good Luck and Have Fun!

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