Azul Game

Designed by Michael Keisling, Azul beautiful, innovative tile-laying game is deceptively simple to learn, but complex in its gameplay. Players are competing to embellish the walls of the Royal Palace. Each player takes turns pulling tiles from the “factory” and laying them in rows. There is a strategy for when you pull tiles as well as where they a laid on your gameboard. A clever player watches their opponent’s board and block their pulls when the opportunity arises. Suitable for players 8 and up, it’s a great game for friends and family alike.

This game is available for rent from our Rental Shelf.

From Our Customers

“Azul is one of my favorite games to give as a gift because it’s easy to pick up, but then people get really into strategizing the best way to win. It’s also a sneaky-fun way to get kids to practice their math. – E (43)”

“I like it cause I can beat my mom. – C (13)”

Azul In Action