Eric Borstelmann

Gaming has always been my favorite hobby. It started with video games in my youth, and progressed into board games and D&D in my adolescence and adulthood. My onset into adulthood was kept busy and stressful with a full time dead-end job while working through college, so few things gave me more joy than huddling around a table with friends and rolling some shiny math rocks (number of sides irrelevant). Through these late nights of nerdy gambling, I discovered a desire to open my game store with my best friend to share both our knowledge and passion about the hobby with others. After graduating college, life was much of the same, but things fell apart when the pandemic hit. I was left jobless, cut off from my friends, and had nothing but all the time in the world to think about it.

Eventually, I improved my situation by getting a job to keep me financially stable in the trying times, and then I got a job in my field of study. Both of these moments brought me the pride that comes with accomplishment, but none of the internal satisfaction or joy I was seeking. I then came to the conclusion that given the amount of personal and worldwide hardships that had been endured the past year, I decided it would was worth a shot to pursue a dream. What better dream than to open a game store with my friends, allowing other people to find the joy that we have given to each other for years?

Stephen Howard

Shhh. They’re trolls lurking in the night. Step across my threshold weary traveler and all shall be as it should. I am your friendly Master of Games, Stephen. I can guide you through the difficult understanding of commodity trading if you need to find sheep for your wood. A common problem in the more rural areas of Catan. I have spent years collecting estates, dutchies and provinces within my dominion that I will allow you to explore.

The crumbs that brought me here began when I was just a wee hatchling. My father let me tag along with him to Sunnydale and go on adventures with the Scooby gang. We sailed across the galaxy as far as Malcom Reynald’s Firefly could take us and finished our trek aboard the USS Enterprise. With my appetite for adventure wet I seized my friend Eric and we plunged into the Tomb of Annihilation. With the practice allowed only through the passion of excitement I began to weave the adventure for other travelers through Dungeons and Hoards.

That brings me here and you to me. The walls of my tavern are heavy with adventures and joy I yearn to share with you. Sit at my humble tables and share a beverage as you weave a yarn to enchant or grab a party of adventurers and set out on your quest.

Wayne Howard

I am excited to provide you with a table by our fire to build communities and friendships. I am a nerd, a writer, a father, a friend. Science fiction and fantasy woven in places like Star Trek and DND inspired me much as it has you, I’ve no doubt. So I’ll keep the fires stoked and the drinks cold because I believe there is no greater feeling than sharing what we love.