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Well met friends! We invite you into Caffeinated Gamers, Roswell’s Premier Gaming Store! Bring a friend, or make one here.  Sit and enjoy the many games and hobbies that we support at Caffeinated. From Trading Card Games such as Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Lorcana, and StarWars Unlimited.  We also have Board Games, and our many Roleplaying Game Campaigns in our D&D Room, Caffeinated Gamers has something for everyone! Come and check us out to Find Your People, and Fuel Your Game!

Caffeinated is proud to offer Roca sorting!

  • $25 an hour fee with a 2-hour minimum

  • Sorts 1000 cards per 2 hours

  • Sort by set, name, alphabetically, and by color

  • Compatible with Magic the Gathering and Pokemon

  • Give us a call, message us on Discord, or stop by for more information

    Weekly Events

    This is our schedule for our recurring events every week. If you’d like to check out the featured events we do once or twice a month, check out our Monthly Event Calendar under the Events Tab at the top of the page.

    • Monday: Lorcana League-



      All Players get 1 Lorcana Booster Pack from the most recent set every League Night!

      Three Rounds of 55 Minute 3 Round Matches

      Play to Earn League Points and Qualify for Prizing at the end of every month and 3 month period of play!

    • Tuesday: MTG Commander Tuesday
      Free-to-Play | All Day!

    • Thursday: Pokémon Casual
      Casual |Entry $10 | 6pm – 9pm | 3 Swiss Rounds of 50 Minute Best of 3 Play. All Players will receive 1 Booster from the Most Recent Set Per Win, but all players are Guaranteed one Pack!

    • Friday– Friday Night Magic


      Entry: $15

      3 Swiss Rounds of Play. Players will receive 1 Set Booster from the most recent set per win

    • Saturday – Star Wars Unlimited

      Alternating Draft and Constructed

      $15 for Constructed

      $25 for Drafts

      Pack per Win for Both Types & Weekly Play Promo

    • Sunday- Standard MTG Draft


      Entry: $25

      We draft a different standard set every Sunday, and all players will receive 1 Set Booster from the Drafted Set Per win. Check our Monthly Calendar for Draft Details.

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    Fun Times at Previous Events

    Caffeinated Gamers is more than just a game store. Customers can pick from our free game library area and play in-store, alone, or with friends. Event planners can rent tables to hold gaming parties or competitive tournaments. The store will host exclusive events that may even allow gamers to meet and play with the creators of their favorite games. Additionally, if you are into RPG we offer several D&D and Pathfinder campaigns in our private room. If you are interested in running or joining a campaign, give us a call or join our discord!

    Contact Info

    4750 Alabama RD STE 115 Roswell, GA 30075

    Phone: (678) 616-8503

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